5 Useful Tips Before Writing a Demand Letter

Published: 16th February 2011
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Writing a highly effective demand letter can really increase your accidental injury settlements. A well crafted letter shows the insurance companies you're well organized and that you really have an understanding of the way in which the car accident claims process work. To write a persuasive letter of demand you should do 5 things. First you must...

1. Point out Who Was responsible for the Car Wreck

To obtain the most money out of your car accident insurance claims, you want to to prove that the other driver was liable for your automobile accident. Even if you were partly liable for the crash, you will have to show that the majority of the responsibility was on the other driver. The less blame you are given for the car crash, the better your personal injury settlements.

You can easily show who was the cause of your vehicle accident by getting:

Duplicates of the auto accident report.
Statements from witnesses.
Photos of the car accident scene.

After you have compiled this information, you'll be able to reference it in your demand letter. For example, you might write "As it is clearly written in the auto accident report, and within the provided witness statements, your insured driver was speeding and collided in to the back of my automobile."

By citing the evidence you have obtained, you are demonstrating that your settlement demands are established on facts. This makes your letter of demand more concrete and raises your odds of getting a substantial accidental injury settlement. The next task is to...

2. Document Your Personal Injuries

Just saying that you were injured in a auto accident is simply not sufficient. To end up making your injury settlement demands much stronger, you should show proof how your injuries are real and truly serious.

The most reliable source of your personal injuries is the doctor's medical report. The medical report contains a more detailed analysis of your injuries. It explains the facts of your accident injuries and may include any medications you were taking to decrease your pain and suffering.

If your personal injuries are not shown in the medical report, they might as well not exist to the insurance companies. This is why it's critical you investigate every one of your injuries, regardless of how small, with your doctor and also have them pointed out in the medical report. If you find yourself not documenting your injuries, you will have a tough time persuading the insurance companies to fork over you a very high injury settlement.

When you have noted your injuries you really should...

3. Keep track of Your Property Damages

To show the dollar amount of damage to your automobile, you need to provide an quote from a repair shop. Your rates ought to include the expense to change automobile parts and the expense of labor to take care of your automobile.

As well as the damages to your automobile, it's also possible to obtain compensation for damages to your your own goods. This may include stuff like your:

Personal computer
Mobile phone

Make sure you compute the total price of damage to your personal property and use it your letter.

4. Document Your Lost Earnings

In case the injuries caused you to miss any days from work, you will need to include that in your demand letter. To start out it's best to get:

A letter from your supervisor /manager informing the amount of work days you missed.
Copy of your paystub.

In your demand letter, you can then reference these two forms and say your lost income to be your day-to-day rate times the amount of work days you missed.

The very last thing you'll want to do is...

5. Read a Sample Demand Letter

Reading a sample letter of demand can help you see how all of the above advice comes together to form a solid and effective injuries settlement claim. This will help you grasp the most effective way to structure your information and which stuff to point out in your letter to improve your injury settlements.

These are few tips to increase your car accident insurance claims. To learn more ways in which you can get money from your insurance settlements, check out www.after-car-accidents.com

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